Cuban Kitchens

I’m currently in the midst of a large-scale research project focused on Cuban food and food culture (more details here). I spent a good part of last summer (2013) working in Cuba, and I’ve just confirmed another month of fieldwork in Cuba for summer 2014.

 As a part of this project I’ve been working on a series of photographs of Cubans—mostly women but some men—in their kitchens. The idea behind these photos is that kitchens are intimate spaces; they are the home’s place of sustenance, of life. But kitchens are also spaces where each of us, through the act of preparing and eating food, taps into much broader cultural, economic, and political forces. In these photographs I've tried to capture this dual existence of kitchen spaces: deeply personal and simultaneously reflexive of forces far beyond our immediate control. The photos—I think—challenge the supposed egalitarian nature of Cuban society.

 Please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think. 

La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), 2013

La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), 2013

Havana, 2013

Havana, 2013

Trinidad, 2013

Cabaiguán, 2013

La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), 2013

Pozas, 2013

Pueblo Nuevo, 2013

Camagüey, 2013

New Mexico Landscapes

So, for my inaugural blog post, here’s something that’s pretty disconnected from my normal work (geographically and photographically). I wouldn’t call myself and landscape photographer, and I certainly wouldn’t call myself a nature photographer, but going back to northern New Mexico (where I grew up) year after year, it’s impossible not to be totally taken by the natural beauty. The landscapes are striking and the colors are incredible. 

Here is a selection of photos from our recent trip out west. The first few were shot in northern New Mexico, near Española, followed by several more from a quick trip we took to Bosque del Apache, a wildlife preserve about an hour south of Albuquerque. 


On the high road to Taos

Truchas, NM

Sunset over the Jemez Mountains

Santa Fe Baldie

Sunset over the Bosque

A Rocky Mountain Sandhill Crane at sunset

One of over 100,000 ducks at the preserve

Rocky Mountain Sandhill Cranes under a setting new moon

Sunrise over the Bosque, and thousands of light geese

The sandhill crane

Just after sunrise tens of thousands of geese take flight at exactly the same time

Bald eagles just after sunrise

Me and my little man in Truchas, New Mexico